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About Wisdom Ecology

Nature doesn’t grow by itself, and neither should you.


Even if you could, it’s so much more fun to transform yourself and our world in present partnership within the Living Whole.


Although we live in a hyper-connected digital age, many people have never felt more alone. 


It doesn’t have to be this way.


Together, we can restore balance in our relationships to Self, our Human Communities and our More-Than-Human World.


  • Embody your Wholeness

  • Empower your Intentions

  • Ignite your Creativity

  • Re-imagine Yourself and our World

  • Partner with Nature

  • Realize your Life Dream

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Our Philosophy


Ecology comes from the root word Oikos, which means HOME. Ecology is the study of interrelationships among living beings and the Earth.

Wisdom Ecology unites creativity and earth wisdom to reconnect us to the Living Whole. In the living whole, we experience ourselves as individuals - connected through relationship and belonging in the web of life.

We start by restoring balance in our relationships with Self, one another, and our living world. This opens the way to co-create with all of life- for our own personal transformation, as well as for the transformation and healing of our world.

The teachings of Wisdom Ecology are informed by:


  • Earth wisdom

  • The healing power of nature

  • The science of ecology

  • Perennial wisdom teachings from Indigenous cultures around the world

  • Connection to our own inner wisdom

We weave body-centered practices through all elements of the work, guiding us into a state of presence.


Our classes, workshops, and retreats support you in exploring yourself and the world around you through multiple ways of knowing - the intellect, heart-based intelligence, direct perception, and somatic awareness. Knowledge becomes understanding as you easily integrate what you learn in ways that facilitate enduring 

transformation and the unfolding of your unique contributions in the world.

Kathren Murrell Stevenson, PhD

My Journey into Wisdom Ecology

Me and the Magnolia.jpg

Two constants in my life have been my love of nature and my love of beauty.

These loves, combined with an ardent curiosity, inspired and catalyzed my study of art and ecology. My studies took me from the limestone grottos of the Edwards Plateau in Texas to the alpine meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park and later to the Sierra Nevada as I pursued this passion, which culminated in a Ph.D. in Plant Ecology from U.C. Davis.  

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