Upcoming Events

2020 Seasonal Plant Wisdom Healing Ceremonies

co-facilitated by Denise Arline and Kathren Murrell Stevenson

Join our Plant Wisdom Healing Circle for three daylong ceremonies in communion with the green world through the seasons. 


Upcoming Ceremony Dates

* June 7th (Rose)

* September 13th (Redwood)

* December 13th (St. John's Wort)


The Invitation

As we walk the wheel of life, through the seasons and through the stages of our lives, everything changes.  Yet when we take the time and space,  we can awaken to our divine connection with the plants who are always there for us. Our plant allies offer us medicine on all levels, helping us navigate our paths through the creative cycles of life.

As we join together for seasonal daylong ceremonies, we will reclaim, activate, and amplify our connection with nature, restoring our relationships with Plant Teachers and Allies. 





Each season we will gather together to meet a different plant spirit ally, listening deeply to the sacred wisdom and teaching each Plant has to offer us. We will learn to work with the plant medicine on all levels of consciousness. Together, we will magnify the message of the plants as we transform and heal ourselves and experience our common union.


This year, we look forward to working with California Bay Laurel, Rose, Redwood, and St. John’s Wort. 



We are giving preference to semi-private East Bay locations where we can be outside for most - part of the day and have access to restroom facilities. We will send you an email one to two weeks before each ceremony date with directions and instructions on what to bring. 



$162.50 per ceremony, or $375 when you pay upfront to join us for Summer, Fall and Winter.


Ceremonies will be 10am-4pm. We ask you to arrive fifteen minutes early so that we can begin on time. Please plan to stay until the end of each ceremony, and plan adequate time for integration afterward. 

Join Us through the Seasons this Year...

Our Partners

Organization of Nature Evolutionaries

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries (ONE) will receive a portion of our 2020 proceeds in celebration of our shared mission.

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