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Re-dream Your Life

Where the Wise One Within Meets the Wisdom of the World

The only constant in life in change. - Heraclitus


At some point in life, if you are lucky, you figure out who you are, where you are headed, and what you want out of life. 


Time passes, and things changes. You change. Some of your dreams

have been fulfilled. Others have been forgotten or are no longer

relevant. Where you’ve ended up may be totally different than

where you thought you were going.


It’s time to re-assess.  


What has heart and meaning for you? What has changed in your life,

and how has that changed you? Who are you now?

What are you here to do?


Re-dream your life through an engaged process of deep listening,

inquiry, and creativity using imaginal, nature-based practices. Through this process, you will connect with the wise one within and open to the wisdom of the world. 

This Program Includes

  • Directed inquiry questions to guide your journey

  • Co-created, customized program design

  • Eight 90-minute sessions tailored specifically for you

  • Session notes

  • Take-home practices to ignite your creativity and support your flow between sessions​

  • Connect in-person or by video conference

  • Move at your pace: schedule weekly to accelerate or twice monthly

Sample Program Session Themes

  • Exploring the Four-Chambered Heart: Intention Setting + Guided Inquiry or Intuitive Reading

  • Entering the Imaginal Realm: Guided Meditation, Creative

       Visualization and Graphic Note Taking

  • Expressing your Life Dream: Creative Expression

  • Working with your Allies: Journey to Meet with your Inner Council

  • Walking your Purpose: Medicine Walk

  • Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities: Character Mapping and/ or Re-Writing Your Story

  • Embodying your Vision: Somatic Inquiry and Integration

  • Crossing the Threshold: Ritual of Initiation


How to Apply

Acceptance into this program requires an interview.

If you have not yet had your interview, please schedule your complimentary consult call.

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