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Realize Your Vision

Manifest in Partnership with the Living Whole

In the present moment, you have the power to course-correct your past and create your preferred future. —Angeles Arrien


When we believe we have to do it alone, we lose the immense power of collaborating with our higher Self, our human allies, and our more-than-human world.


The truth is, all creation is co-creation. And even if you could do it

by yourself, it’s much more fun to transform your Self and our

world in partnership with the Living Whole.

Imagine what it would feel like to be fully supported on your path by both the seen and unseen worlds? What would you be inspired and empowered to create?

This Program Includes

  • Co-created, customized program design

  • Eight 90-minute sessions tailored specifically for you

  • Session notes

  • Take-home practices to ignite your creativity and support your flow between sessions​

  • Connect in-person or by video conference

  • Move at your pace: schedule weekly to accelerate or twice monthly for more integration time between sessions

Sample Program Session Themes

  • Spiraling into the Web: Intention Setting + Guided Inquiry or Intuitive Reading

  • Following the Golden Threads: Listening through the Senses

  • Exploring the Imaginal Realm: Creative Visualization and Expression

  • Claiming your Gifts: Working with your Original Medicine

  • Entering into Co-Creative Partnership: Engaging your Allies

  • Manifesting Nature’s Way:  Translating Spirit into Matter

  • Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities: Putting Guidance into Practice

  • Deepening into Co-Creative Partnership: Somatic Witnessing and Integration

  • Crossing the Threshold: Ritual of Initiation


How to Apply

Acceptance into this program requires an interview.

If you have not yet had your interview, please schedule your complimentary consult call.

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