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Kathren Murrell Stevenson, PhD

Wisdom Ecology Teacher and Guide

Training and Credentials


  • Ph.D. in Plant Ecology from UC Davis

  • Adjunct Instructor at CIIS: Department of Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion

  • BA in Biogeography/ Botany from the University of Texas at Austin

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Breema Bodywork Practitioner

  • Level 1 Reiki Master

Select Trainings

  • Five years study with Angeles Arrien: The Second Half of Life, The Four-Fold Way Year-long Foundations Training, Advanced Tarot, the Year-long Four-Fold Way Immersion, and an ongoing women’s journey group with mentors and students

  • Immersion with Stephen Buhner: Communication and Healing with Plants, Heart-Field Perception, Plant Spirit Healing

  • Sacred Plant Initiations with Pam Montgomery and Carole Guyett 

  • Grief work and ceremony shared by Subonfu Some at Spirit Rock.

  • Six-month residential Yoga, Community, and Service program at Mount Madonna Retreat Center

  • Yoga teacher trainings with Diego del Sol and Satya Gita Aune

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