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Be Whole

Embrace Life, and let Life Embrace You...

Welcome to Wisdom Ecology

All humans are sacred, just as all land is sacred.


But somewhere along the way, we forgot. This widespread state of amnesia has been wreaking havoc, but one by one we are waking up and remembering who we are in the Living Whole. Wherever you are in that journey, Wisdom Ecology is here to partner with you so your next steps are joyful, life-affirming and powerful.

At Wisdom Ecology, we use nature-based practices to empower and inspire your journey in the Web of Life. Our mission is to reconnect you to the Living Whole so you can transform your life AND the world you live in.



Because in Living Whole, YOU Matter. Your transformation and healing are inextricably connected to the regeneration and renewal of our world. ​

That's the way nature works.

Let's Begin our Journey Together

We invite you into the Living Whole, where you have access to the wise one within, the wisdom of the earth, and the healing power of nature.

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Meet Kathren

Wisdom Ecology Teacher and Guide

I’m Kathren. I support people like you in transforming their lives and our world through the practices of Wisdom Ecology.


This work guides you into the wisdom of your body, the wisdom of the earth, and the healing power of nature.


Here you'll find the space you need to integrate the different aspects of Self, dream into your future, and manifest your life dream from a place of embodied presence.

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