Self-Guided Ceremonial Day Quest | You Choose the Time and Place

Summer: Rose

a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Planting Justice
Summer: Rose

Time & Location

Self-Guided Ceremonial Day Quest
You Choose the Time and Place

About the Event

Take a day to slow down and smell the Roses. Take a day for your Healing and the Healing of our World.

We invite you into a held ceremonial space where you can dive deeply into your own journey of listening, visioning and healing with the natural world.  With Rose as your guide, you will quest in nature, on your own time, opening your heart and mind to what is being communicated through the consciousness of Rose and all that is sacred within and around you.

Throughout time, Rose has guided us into the realm of beauty, healing and strength.  She has enraptured us in the expression and embodiment of love. Now, in our time of need, Rose generously supports us in meeting our grief and guiding us on a path of strength, wisdom, love and justice as we awaken to the vast healing opportunities available to us at this time.

Emerging with a clear heart and powerful plant ally, you will be held in carrying forth your unique expressions of divine love, so you may co-create new ways of being, in harmony with the Earth.

Your Rose Ceremony Includes

  • Self-Guided Ceremonial Day Quest
  • An enchanted Ritual-Medicine Box for you to work with (Optional)*
  • Suggestions for How to Prepare in the days ahead of your day quest
  • A Facilitation Guide to accompany you on your solo quest with Rose in nature
  • A Day Quest Playlist with instructions to support you in your exploration with rose
  • Take-home practices to guide you into co-creative relationship with this powerful plant ally and teacher
  • Preparation and Integration Sessions with Kathren or Denise (Optional)
  • A Donation to Planting Justice

* We are currently able to ship ritual medicine boxes anywhere in the USA.


Virtual Day Quest with Medicine Box and 30-minute Preparation and Integration Calls $195

(Includes a $25 donation to Planting Justice)

Virtual Day Quest and Ritual Medicine Box $95

(Includes a $5 donation to Planting Justice)

Day Quest Only $48

(Includes a $3 donation to Planting Justice)

You can find more information about Planting Justice at

About Us

Denise Arline Schwab

Denise is an Intuitive Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Trans-formational Depth Coach. Her passion is supporting you in realizing a co-creative relationship with life, and expressing your soul's true gifts into the world.

Denise holds a MA in Transformative Art and Consciousness Studies. She trained with Plant Spirit Healer Pam Montgomery and is a certified practitioner of Plant Spirit Healing. She sees creativity as a gateway for deeper awareness, transformation, and connection with spirit. 

Kathren Murrell Stevenson, PhD

Kathren is the founder and director of Wisdom Ecology. She offers introductory sessions and in-depth programs for transformation and healing to support you as you become, dream, and create in the web of life.

Kathren holds a PhD in Plant Ecology from UC Davis and a BA in Biogeography and Botany from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Breema Bodyworker, and Reiki practitioner. Kathren's studies with Angeles Arrien continue to inspire her work as a leader, healer, visionary, and teacher. 

  • I'm All In!
  • Day Quest & Rose Medicine Box
  • Day Quest Only

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